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Ambulance service

In emergency situations, it is essential to have the best health
transport: a fully equipped ambulance, which is the mobile medical
assistance unit, a human team competent to intervene in any emergency
situation and an experienced ambulance driver to facilitate the transfer
of the patient at the earliest.

An efficient health transport that meets the quality requirements
required by the emergency situation is difficult to find nowadays,
especially in the private health sector. For that reason at Excelan, we
have considered it essential to invest in one of the best fleets of
ambulances currently in Spain, to make safe transfers in the shortest
time and have health specialists who intervene in these sensitive

Recently, on one of the highways on the Costa del Sol, one of
Excelan’s health care centers took place where the effectiveness of
responding immediately was decisive for achieving a good final outcome.

However, it is worth mentioning that our ambulances not only provide
emergency services, but also provide our home care services for
partners: home hospitalization and palliative care.

During the transfer of patients we can find several aspects essential
for successful medical care. In the first place, we will differentiate
between the two types of health transportation that exist:

Depending on the patient’s condition, from major to minor severity the transport can be: emergent, urgent or delayed.

According to the medium used: land, sea or air.

These types of transport can be used in diverse situations: in
situations of emergencies as is the case of accidents or for the
displacement of patients with mobility problems. Whatever the case and
the means used for the health transport, it must meet minimum conditions
that guarantee an optimal and comfortable transfer (as much as
possible) to the patient, avoiding the inherent risks that occur during
the journey.

Ambulance Transport Service: Key points during an ambulance transfer

In any sanitary transport is decisive the response time, the speed
with which a patient is transferred can be decisive in serious
situations. the preparations must be fast and agile. In ambulance
transport it is especially important to know if the patient is torn
between life and death.

Another factor to take into account is the mobilization of the
patient, depending on the state of gravity, the steps to follow will be
different. There are fundamental guidelines such as keeping the
patient’s back erect regardless of whether he is lying down or sitting
on the stretcher.

If the user is conscious, he should be given specialized attention
to minimize the psychological impact. In this sense, it is essential to
have a team of technicians in health emergencies with specific training
and extensive experience in this type of care.

As for the equipment of the ambulances, it is necessary to have
apparatuses of monitoring and clinical control. The patient must be at
all times, under control during the movement.

About Excelan Ambulance Service

The Excelan ambulance service is available to attend urgent and
emergency situations both on the road and in any place that is
requested. Likewise, as mentioned above, this service is used for home
care and palliative care of our partners. On the other hand, we are
specialists in national and international transfers, we have no limits
or borders.

Through the attention of our professionals, you will feel in the best
hands, you will be able to communicate in your own language and you
will not have problems to be attended at the earliest, effectively and
with a treatment especially human, according to these delicate

To provide the best sanitary service in Marbella, specifically from
Estepona to Cala de Mijas, we have a fleet of ambulances, model Mercedes
Benz. These are pioneering vehicles in Andalusia that incorporate a
hydropneumatic bench system that dampens vibrations and inherent
movements that may arise during the sanitary transfer.

Our ambulances are equipped with an innovative Can Bus Carla
electronic system, based on a software that allows complete control of
the sanitary cabin: oxygen control, temperature control and regulation,
lighting control and regulation … In this way, the patient receives the
best care and service during the sanitary transport.

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