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In summer, the skin is constantly exposed to sweat and other irritating elements. This continuous irritation can eventually cause the dermatitis to show up. So, if you nourish and moisten your skin frequently, it is so easy to prevent this disease.

Every person has a different kind of skin. That means that the conditions that could cause dermatitis and the therapy to treat it are also different.

During summer, you need to be more careful than ever, since there are many more risk factors that could make it easy for the dermatitis to appear, like the UV rays, some irritating elements and the sweat.

The skin’s purpose is to protect the organism from extern factors and microorganisms that could be harmful for your health. The skin’s reaction is the consequence of the dermatitis, so, in order to protect itself, the skin swells up.

Dermatitis appears immediately when some damaging or irritating elements touch our skin. For instance, the chlorine of a swimming-pool or the continuous exposure of the skin to some elements like nickel could trigger your dermatitis.

Chlorine affects your skin

When it is summer, it is so difficult to stay away from taking a dip in a swimming pool. People usually believe that those who suffer dermatitis cannot get into a pool, but that is not accurate at all. The reality is that what they have to avoid is the chlorine in some pool’s water, since it is a frequent chemical product used to keep the water free of microorganisms like bacteria and fungus. And not even that is accurate! The actual problem is the amount of chlorine the pool has!

Chlorine increases the pH of the water, causing the skin to irritate if it is too high. This same chemical product can alter the well-functioning of the skin’s natural protective layer.

Which are the dermatitis’ symptoms?

In order to properly take care of your dermatitis, you first need to identify its symptoms.

If you endure dermatitis, you will se how your skin turns red. It will first feel dry and, in an advanced stage, it can feel scaly.

In the most severe cases, the skin can swell up and become thicker. This is what we know as lichenification.

That is why it is important to treat dermatitis before it is too late, since, if not, it can cause an infection and change its colour. In some cases, it can even produce a liquid or a scab in the skin’s layer.

What kinds of dermatitis are there in summer?

In summer, there are several kinds of dermatitis you could suffer.

One of these is the seborrheic dermatitis and it is probably the most common one in summer, since it is caused by the excessive sweating, which it eventually produces the irritation. That is why a special care is needed when treating oily skins.

There is also the photodermatitis, triggered by a continuous exposure of the skin to the UV rays, especially in those people with a reactive skin to the sunlight. This reaction causes some small red spots to appear, as well as a stinging on the skin. This kind of dermatitis is more frequent in the neckline, the shoulders, the legs and the foot’s bridge.

In Clinica Excelan, we advise you that, in order to prevent dermatitis, you should moisten your skin, since that is the best way to protect it. It is also a good idea to avoid touching irritating elements like chlorine in pools and other chemical products.

How can you take care of your skin?

When you suffer dermatitis due to a reaction caused by the sunlight, an excessive sweating or other corrosive elements, it is difficult to treat it, since most of the patients who endure this disease are usually abroad and far away from its trusted health centre.

If that is your case, you can make contact with us.

Clinica Excelan offers a doctor at home service! We will treat you in the comfort of your own home!

Nevertheless, we will give you some advice so you can look after your skin, prevent dermatitis and treat it if it is still not too severe.

If you want to treat the skin’s swelling, you should not wash it too often. Our skin has natural protective substances that act as a barrier. That is why you should always avoid the skin’s dryness as well.

Furthermore, if you need to use soap, choose bar soap over the swollen skin. This kind of soap does not produce lather.

In order to keep your skin wet, use lubricating cream. It will feel pleasant!

In case you fancy swimming in a pool, you must have a shower after getting out of the water. As we said before, it is important to remove the chlorine from your skin.

If your skin did not improve in a few days or some dermatitis symptoms like stinging and infection appeared, you should go to visit a doctor. In Clinica Excelan we will give you the appropriate treatment in order to quickly heal your dermatitis.

Do you already know how to treat your dermatitis?

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