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The best in-home lab services

At Excelan we offer a broad range of lab tests, from a routine blood test to complex genetic testing. For us, advanced medicine is not just a way with words. We offer pioneering laboratory tests; we put our words into action.

We offer an urgent or on-demand lab test service that can be done at home or at our facilities; it’s up to you. Once the samples have been taken, they’re analysed by our supplier, and your results will be available in less than 24 hours.

Choosing us for an at-home blood test

Why should you choose us for your at-home blood test or any other testing?

  • We are happy to come to you for blood draws and other straightforward tests.
  • We’re skilled at taking samples in complex situations, such as in people with reduced mobility, who are bedbound or have a degenerative disease.
  • We do it painlessly
  • You’ll have the results in under 24 hours.
  • For your peace of mind, we’ll ring you as soon as we have the results.
  • You’ll have online access to results and our expert opinion.
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