Sexual health check-ups

Our comprehensive, confidential sexual health check-ups detect the most common sexually transmitted infections in the privacy of your home, hotel or wherever you are.

Sexual health is a physical, emotional, mental and social state of wellness, and living a sexually healthy lifestyle will help you have a more intimate sexual life while staying safe and healthy.

Sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) are often asymptomatic, which means the only reliable way to diagnose an STI is to have a test. We understand that these tests can be embarrassing and that they need to be 100% confidential; we assure total discretion.

Our doctor will advise you and help choose the test that best meets your needs.

How it works:

  • Choose your test
  • Call anytime to schedule by phone: 925 77 12 85
  • Our doctor or nurse arrives at the scheduled time and collects your sample in the privacy of your home
  • Get your results securely within 2 to 3 days

Have a question?

Call us at 952 77 12 85

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