Always go to Medical Centres with Quality Certificates!


Your health is not a game! It is a priceless asset to you. When you are healthy, you can have fun, enjoy your time with your loved ones, achieve personal goals and pay attention to those small details that make life beautiful. In short, being healthy allows you to enjoy life as a whole.

However, when you are unhealthy, you feel tired, you do not feel like doing anything at all, you cannot enjoy any great moment… It is awful!

Therefore, it is clear that you prefer to stay healthy as much as you can than getting sick often and not being able to enjoy life. Then, if that is true, why would you let yourself be treated in a medical centre that does not have anything that proves its experience and qualification to do so?

If you want to stay permanently healthy, you must find the best GP centre in your area and make sure you receive the most professional care, so you can get the peace of mind that you will be well-treated any time you need it.

And how can you know that you are being looked after in a top-quality medical centre? Easy. Look for its Seals of Quality. They prove that the centre strictly fulfill the regulations and requirements needed to be able to provide a safe and qualified comprehensive medical service.

So, if you are to be cared in a clinic or hospital, always go to a centre that has its own Quality Certificates. That is the only way you can be sure that you will receive the excellent care you deserve.

Which are these certificates?

Actually, they are three different Certificates, all of them provided by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

The first one is the ISO 9001 Certificate in Quality Management, that shows the accuracy and capability of the company in satisfying its clients needs. To be able to fulfill these requirements, the company must adjust its management system to the current regulations. And, of course, it also has to consider other issues like the respect for the environment, the labor security and the social responsibility, among others.

As important as the previous one is the UNE 179002 Certificate in Quality Medical Transportation, that proves that the medical centre is fulfilling the ISO 9001 rules in respect of the medical transportation sector. This means that the clinic or hospital has the best equipment and staff so as to be able to provide safe and comfortable medical trips to its patients.

Finally, your trusted GP centre should also have the IQNet Certificate in Management System, which validates the ISO 9001 Certificate before the leading international certification entities. In other words, having this Seal of Quality means that the medical centre is allowed to perform its activities always with the same guarantees, either at national or international level.

It is important to underline that having received these Certificates does not only mean that the clinic has fulfilled the requirements in a given moment. These regulations are constantly being updated, so clinics and hospitals must keep improving in order to continue meeting their obligations if they want to keep their quality marks.

We already have our Certificates!

In Clinica Excelan, our professional and devoted care has recently been rewarded with these AENOR Seals of Quality, allowing us to join the club of the best medical centres in Spain.

We are completely committed to the most modern procedures, meaning that we are able to provide a swift customised attention thanks to our reduced bureaucracy. That is how we fulfill the ISO 9001 regulation, what makes us be at the forefront of the private GP centres all around the world.

Additionally, our late model private ambulances, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are what allow us to carry out the safest sanitary transportation, a mandatory requirement to receive the UNE 179002 Certificate in Quality Medical Transportation.

What is more, receiving the IQNet Certificate also acts as a guarantor for our top-quality international activity, allowing us to provide our private medical transportation service beyond the national borders.

The highest safety and peace of mind

As you can see, these Seals of Quality show that our medical services are absolutely focused on providing what is the most important to you: your health and your complete peace of mind.

Our experienced doctors and nurses are not only the most professional and skilled in Spain, but also know how to deal with patients to make them feel safe and relaxed while being treated.

What is more, we are a highly multilingual private GP centre, so we are able to treat any patient in Costa del Sol, regardless of the language they use. Thus, if you are a tourist or expat in Marbella and you are not fluent in Spanish, do not worry. Our staff include English-speaking doctors and professionals skilled in other languages, so you can explain the matter to us in your mother tongue.

In Clinica Excelan, everything is focused on you alone. If you need us, we will move and take care of you wherever you are, because you are our priority.

So, now you know it! AENOR Certificates are a quality guarantee. Always make sure that your trusted GP centre has these quality marks.

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