Doctor at home and palliative care service

Palliative care

When a patient is discharged, but the patient is not 100%, the family and the same patient feels uncertainty, insecurity and nervousness in order to be equally well cared for at home and in the hospital. This situation is further complicated, when the patient is in the last days of his life. At Excelan clinic, we empathize with each situation, we are aware of the uncertainty, nervousness and insecurity that is created in these circumstances.

Therefore, in our clinic in Marbella we have developed a service thinking that patients and families feel cared for, cared for and fundamentally supported by a professional team that will assist you at any time in your home.

Through the service of medical assistance and palliative care at home, the patient can enjoy all the technical and human benefits he has in the hospital, but in the home environment.

In certain situations, the recovery of patients is usually faster when in the warmth and comfort of the home, and caregivers can recover from the wear and tear of constant care in the hospital.

In this sense, we sometimes forget the caretakers, the people who are day and night with the patient, and that they must be in full physical and mental conditions to properly attend the patient on other issues that medical personnel and nurse can not help. That is why, this home service allows the patient and their caregivers to feel calm with the support of Excelan medical care, and also cared for in their own language.

Now with home health care you do not have to ask yourself: what do I have to do in certain situations? Will I remember everything that the doctor has told me? Will I be able to react in time in a delicate situation? …

There are not always critical situations, sometimes we have doubts and we have some concern that we want to be resolved immediately, even if it is not a situation of gravity or urgency.

When the home health care and palliative care service is performed:

  • The medical or nursing staff adapts to any situation, the main priority is that the patient feels good and has the highest quality of life.
  • A proper mobilization is made to the user.
  • All medication is monitored by effective follow-up and a correct supply of medications.
  • Adequate medical technology adapted to the patient’s level of severity.
  • Collaboration and help to family or caregivers.

Sometimes, until we find ourselves in a situation of urgency or serious illness, we do not worry about aspects associated with these situations. At Excelan clinic we help to take these situations in the best possible way thanks to:

  • Home health care where our specialized medical team that provides personalized and multilingual care.
  • Home hospitalization and palliative care: comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for postoperative situations, aftercare … and care in the last moments of the patient’s life.
  • Our ambulances equipped with the most advanced technical equipment on the market, which can carry out immediate displacements. It is a pioneer ambulance model in Spain.
  • Clínica Excelan puts all medical and technical means at your fingertips.

If you want to know more about these services, know our facilities and staff, we remind you that from July 15 to August 15 we have open days at our clinic in Marbella. No appointment is required, we are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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