Sunburn art: a dangerous trend

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This week we have been surprised at one of the most widespread news and commented in different media of the fashion of sun tattoos or better known as Sunburn Art. In this trend, does not take into account the importance of skin care before the Exposure to the sun. The skin has memory for it, it is essential to care.

We then go deeper into this topic that is at the forefront this summer.

What is the term ‘Sunburn Art’?

Sunburn Art is a new “fashion” that comes from the US, is to outline shapes with sunscreen on a particular part of the body, so that the rest of the skin is unprotected.

By exposing the skin to the sun in a prolonged way, and especially at critical times, it can lead to burns throughout the body (except for those areas where the protective cream is applied); In this way, you get as a final result a sun tattoo or sunburn art.

Sunburn Art has become a widespread trend among young people, and has a great impact on social networks, especially on Instagram.

To a greater or lesser extent, these solar tattoos may seem artistic to us, but be that as it may, apart from the purely aesthetic, health is an issue that we should not take lightly.

In this post, from Excelan clinic we want to echo this news (taking advantage of what we are in summer), since a prolonged exposure to the sun can have terrible consequences for the skin because as we said at the beginning of this article: the skin has memory .

A fact to be taken into account and contributed by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, melanoma (skin cancer) “is a disease that triples every decade.”

It is really important to take preventive measures that minimize the damage that the sun can cause on our skin, including the risk of possible skin cancer. For this, the best way is to start by preventing …

We leave some basic and very important recommendations, which you will probably know but it never hurts to remember to avoid sunburn:

  1. Avoid exposures in the central hours of the day (12h – 16h). The first contact shots should be brief and do not exceed 15 minutes, the time of exposure to the sun has to increase gradually.
  2. Each area of ??your body requires different care. Pay special attention to the most sensitive and at the same time most exposed parts such as: hands, neck and face, insteps, … Insist with the sunscreen.
  3. It is also very important to take care of the sight with homologated sunglasses.
  4. Use a solar factor that suits your skin type. Not all of us can use the same protection, depending on the phototype that presents the skin, the solar factor will be higher. We leave you this table proportioned by AECC:

  5. Be generous with the protective cream. When sunbathing, a frequent application of protection is essential, ideally every 30 minutes. Also after each bath or if we sweat excessively.

    At the end of the exposure to the sun, do not forget to moisturize!

Regular check-ups are recommended to the specialist. Although in summer “alarms jump”, skin care should not be something punctual. It is advisable to follow up with the dermatologist, especially if our skin contains a large number of freckles or moles.

Every little precaution is taken at this time of year! For this reason, we want to end the post by remembering that in Excelan clinic in Marbella, we are at your disposal 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend any urgent and urgent consultation. With only one call to our Call Center 952 771 285 (attention in several languages), a specialized medical team will provide assistance at the address or our facilities.

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