Is obesity a disease?

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The World Health Organization not only addresses obesity as an illness, but also an epidemic disease. According to its data, there are about 1,2 billion people affected by overweight or obesity around the world.

In Spain, obesity has followed a rising tendency, with more and more people affected every year. Nowadays, figures about obesity are alarming. The 17% of the Spanish adults are obese, while there is a 27,8% of minors suffering some kind of overweight or obesity. This rising tendency is similar to all European countries and, if it continues rocketing at the same speed, all the European citizens would be obese by 2040.

Contrary to what people usually think, obesity is not only about weight. In fact, it is related to an increase in the amount of fats stored in the body, what is usually connected to a weight gain.

Beside its physical and psychological consequences, obesity can trigger other diseases that could be fatal. That is why you should start preventing it since now.

In this article, we will show you the risks that obesity implies to your health and the best strategies to lose weight and adopt new healthy habits that allow you to get rid of those extra pounds.

Why should you be concerned about obesity?

Obesity worsen the quality of life and limits the activity and mobilityof the affected person. It also usually implies self-esteem problems and difficulties in social interactions and labour and sexual activities.

But the main problem of obesity is that it contributes to the development, progression and worsening of multiple diseases that generate health problems and, in the end, shorten the life expectancy of the sick.

One of the most common diseases among obese people are dyslipidaemias, caused by a high concentration of lipids in blood. If not treated, this sickness might trigger hypertension or heart diseases that could put your life at stake.

Furthermore, obesity is also related to type 2 diabetes, since 90% of the affected by this disease are obese. Type 2 diabetes is usually caused by a high concentration of fats, what makes your body resistant to insulin, the hormone responsible for glucose processing.

Additionally, obese people are also more prone to develop tumours that can turn into cancer. Among obese women, endometrium, breast and gallbladder cancers are the most frequent ones. Whereas, prostate cancer is the most frequent tumorous disease among obese men. Obesity can also trigger colon and rectum cancers in both sexes.

Of course, it is possible to suffer these diseases without being obese, but overweight and obesity raise the risk of developing them and hinders their recovery. However, this risk will depend on the obesity degree, being higher among morbid obese.

Causes of obesity

Despite it can be partially caused by genetic conditions, the main causes of obesity are unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles. In fact, experts believe that bad habits and other environmental factors explain the 70% of the obesity causes, while the other 30% are due to genetical and endocrinal problems.

Then, it seems clear that, generally, the best form to prevent obesity is to change all these bad habits and adopt new healthy ones that help you reduce your weight and get rid of your extra fats. Therefore, stop blaming your physical constitution for your overweight and start changing your lifestyle now!

First of all, you should start eating healthier. An appropriate diet to lose weight should be based in low-calorie food. It also should be rich in carbohydrates before doing physical activity, and should include proteins in about a 15% and fats in less than a 30%.

Furthermore, instead of eating large quantities few times a day, you should eat up to 5 times per day and reduce the amount of food you consume in each meal. And do not forget to correctly chew the food before swallowing it.

It will also help practicing sport or going for a walk at least 3 or 4 times per week. It will not be enough with doing a high intensity physical activity once per week. It is better to be constant and practice sport of lower intensity to avoid injuries and get your body used to its new habits.

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