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Diabetesis a chronic disease that shows when the pancreas is incapable of producing enough insulin, the hormone responsible for keeping an appropriate level of glucose in blood. It can also appear if the same pancreas produces insulin of low quality or the organism is unable to correctly use it.

The insulin allows the glucose to get inside the cells, where it is turned into energy for the muscles and the tissues to function as they should. Furthermore, it also helps the cells to stock up on glucose until they need to use it.

The diabetes is a common illness that affects more than the 1% of the Spanish population. It could seem a rather low figure, but, in reality, more than 1.000 news cases of diabetes are being diagnosed every day. What is more, experts believe that the 6% of the sick with diabetes do not even know it.

In the patients affected with this disease, the glucose does not correctly distribute among the cells, what results in a high level of glucose in blood. Of course, having a high level of glucose in blood is extremely harmful and it can trigger health problems, especially those related with the heart, the kidneys and the arteries.

Once the diabetes is diagnosed, it cannot be healed. However, it can be prevented and even treated so as to do not allow it to affect your daily life. How? Keep reading!

Different kinds of diabetes

“Diabetes” is just a generic word that comprehends all the diseases related with the malfunction of the insulin in blood. There are several kinds of diabetes, each one of them related to different causes.

First of all, type 1 diabetes is caused when the cells responsible for the production of the insulin in the pancreas are destroyed by the antibodies of the patient’s same body. It usually appears at an early age, but it can also show up in teenagers and adults. The causes of type 1 diabetes are not known yet, but experts believe that it might be related to some genetic inclination to develop this disease.

Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is far more common than type 1 and it usually appears in adults, being more common as people get older. It is caused by the inability of the insulin to correctly develop its purpose. Type 2 diabetes’ main cause is obesity, since fats produce some substances which reduce the sensitivity of the insulin receptors.

There is also another kind of diabetes that can show during the pregnancy. When the woman is pregnant, insulin levels rise, since the organism needs more energy. So, when this rise does not happen, it is usually due to gestational diabetes. This disease is not chronic and usually disappears after giving birth. However, women that endure gestational diabetes are prone to develop type 2 diabetes in the future.

In addition to these kinds of diabetes, there are also some other less ordinary ones that can be caused by injuries in the pancreas, genetic conditions or the consumption of certain drugs.

Can you avoid enduring diabetes?

It depends on the kind of diabetes we are talking about. Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented, since it is due to an immune disfunction. Nevertheless, type 2 diabetes is closely related to obesity, so it can actually be prevented by keeping yourself healthy.

Thus, a healthy diet and regular physical exercise will reduce your probability to suffer type 2 diabetes in an 80%. You should also avoid bad habits like smoking, since they can increase your resistance to insulin.

And, especially if there is someone in your family who has diabetes, you should visit your doctor every so often in order to keep track of your glucose level in blood and detect diabetes before it shows up.

Is it possible to live a normal life if you have diabetes?

Of course, it is. If you follow your doctor instructions and are constant with your treatment, you will not have to worry about anything!

If you endure type 1 diabetes, the only known treatment for you are the frequent measurement of glucose levelsand the insulin injections according to them.

On the other hand, insulin injections might not be needed to treat type 2 diabetes. Glucose levels might go back to normal if you change your lifestyle and start adopting healthy habits. Avoiding sedentariness and junk food and staying fit is the best way to fight this kind of diabetes.

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