Some tips about the arthrosis that you should know in order to prevent and treat it the best possible way

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The arthrosis is a rather commondegenerative illness that affects the cartilage of the articulations, making it deteriorate and allowing the bones to brush against each other, what causespain and lack of mobility to the patient.

There are many types of arthrosis, each of them depending on the affected articulation.The knees, the hands, the hip and the spinal column are the most common ones, but it could actually appear in almost any joint of the body.

It is a disease usually related to the elderly, since it usually appears at an old age. However, that does not mean it cannot show its firsts symptoms in younger patients. It is also common among obese people, even though it is not exclusive to them.

Therefore, there is nobody out of risk of suffering arthrosis. Nonetheless, since it is an illness caused by thedeterioration of the articulations, it is possible to reduce the probability to endure it byliving a healthy life, having a balanced diet and practicing exercise every day.

At the same time, even if you have already been diagnosed with arthrosis,it is possible to live a normal life and stop the progress of the disease simply by following the medical advice and avoiding unhealthy habits.

In this article, we will show you how toprevent the arthrosis and treat it in the best possible way, so as you to preserve the health of your articulations regardless of your age.

What can you do to reduce the risk of suffering arthrosis?

There are multiple causes of the arthrosis. Some of them are genetic, but, most of the time, this illness is due to a continuous overload in the articulations or an excessive effort in the area.

Thus, obesity and activities that involve carrying heavy weights are the main causes of arthrosis. On this matter, if you want to be prevented from suffering it in the future, it would be wise toreduce your weight and limit these kinds of activities as much as possible.

To achieve the goal of getting fitter, you could start byfollowing a healthy diet andpracticing sport regularly. However, high intensity sports can also negatively affect the joints, so it would be better to choose a less risky sport.

Finally, blows in the joints can also be a cause of arthrosis. In fact, there is no need for the symptoms of the disease to show immediately after the blow. The arthrosis today might be caused by an accident happened years before.

This is why, even if it might not be a hundred percent possible, you should avoid all kind of activities that could put you at risk of having an accident or suffering any blow in your articulations to the extent possible.

And what if you already have arthrosis?

The arthrosis is a clinical condition that can only be diagnosed by a specialist. If you are suffering early symptoms likepain when moving the joint, rigidity, lack of flexibility, increase of the sensitivity or difficulties to move the articulation, come toClinica Excelan and we will make sure that you receivethe best possible personalized treatment.

Whatever the case may be, the arthrosis, even if it cannot be completely healed, it can be dealt with so as tomake the symptoms disappear or, at least, make them affect your day to day as little as possible.

To do so, besides following to the letter your doctor’s instructions, it will help to adopt healthy habits likeexercising to lose weight and strengthen your articulations, avoiding making repetitive movements or helping yourself withsupport tools like walking sticks or appropriate footwear in order to better distribute your weight and not letting it all fall on your affected joints.

In an advanced stage, the arthrosis could make the patient need other people’s help to develop simple tasks like eating or going to the toilet. That is why we providecomplete care and medical assistance for the patients that need it.

In Clinica Excelan, our goal is tohelp our patients to endure their disease the best possible way and to not allow the arthrosis to hamper their everyday activities. For this reason, we will send aspecialized doctor or nurse to look after the patient whenever and wherever he needs it.

We care for your well-being and, since good communication is essential for us to know what your specific needs are, we invite you to speak to us in your mother tongue.Our experienced staff is highly multilingual so, even if you do not know a bit of Spanish language,we will be able to personally attend you with disregard of the language you use.

We are at your complete disposal. Make contact with us by phone, WhatsApp or e-mail and we will immediately take care for you.

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